The Northwest's Best Sweet Corn!

Our family is a fourth generation Washington state farm who raises fresh, premium, Non-GMO Sweet Corn that is sure to leave you smiling and coming back for more!

What Makes us So Sweet?

It Starts with the Seed

Our sweet corn seed is the highest quality on the market. Each year, we test over 90 varieties of non-gmo seed to choose the ones that offer the sweetest taste and best texture. We plant these seeds each Spring and care for the crops until finally they are ready for our customers to enjoy. 

Fresh is Best

It’s not unusual to find corn that has been 1-2 weeks off of the stalks before it gets to the grocery store, and even longer before it’s on your table. Our corn is picked fresh and sold daily throughout the season, for a true farm to table quality.

Love from Your Farmer

Family farms mean good old fashioned hard work. Farmer Mark Kallstrom has a passion to work with his hands and nourish the crops so come harvest time, he can share the fruit of his labors with many. 

Sweeten Your Day

Stand hours

Monday-Friday: 10:00-6:00
(or until corn sells out)
Saturday: CLOSED for Shabbat
Sunday: Open at select markets


General Line: 866-KSC-CORN
Wholesale: 509-398-0901