About us

And now!

We are a fourth generation family farm in Washington state. While the farm that we are currently located on has been in our family for over 40 years, we have been in the sweet corn operation for over 12 years. Mark Kallstrom and his lovely wife, Elaine, run the operation today with many friends and family members coming alongside to make it one of the best sweet corn farms today.

The Kallstrom Sweet Corn Song!

Kallstrom Sweet Corn Song! Done by our second oldest son, Gunnar Kallstrom (not pictured), who is serving in the military as a guitar player in the U.S. ARMY Band. He and his young family reside in Alabama.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a fantastic corn eating experience for you and yours! Our hope is that throughout the corn season we bring people together to partake in fantastic food and fellowship with family, friends; and, SOON to be friends!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the freshest and sweetest corn out there that is NON-GMO!

All to the Glory of our Father!

We strive to honor our Heavenly Father in everything we do, including our business of raising corn. 

Many have asked why we don’t sell or attend Saturday markets or stands.

We, as a family and as a farm decided to honor and remember The Lord’s Shabbat (Sabbath). Because of this, we do not do our normal labors or buy and sell on this set apart day. 

Being followers/disciples of Yeshua our Messiah and as The Father has fully and graciously opened our eyes to this eternal truth, we have but one thing to do: Shema (to hear and obey) His Word.

We are so grateful for the past opportunities of serving and of your faithful patronage at these fantastic markets and the wonderful relationships that have been cultivated and hope to continue to serve you and yours our sweet summer treat throughout the week at our roadside stands and wholesale routes.

Thank you for your love and support.