Love Thy Neighbor Days

9th Annual "Love Thy Neighbor" Days!

As a faith and Bible (Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, and Apostolic Scriptures)  based, family- farm we want to do all we can to honor our Father and our King.

 8 years ago, we were inspired by the Words of our Messiah, to do a special day (now ‘days’) where folks come to the stand/ corn-mobile and receive double the amount of corn they buy (up to a dozen) and be able to receive that extra corn to bless their neighbor with.

It’s been a super fun and engaging time for our communities to bless one another and many each year can’t wait to be a part of it!

We hope you can be a part of this years “Love Thy Neighbor Day’s” and be blessed by being a blessing!

See details below:

WHEN: August 15-17th, (Tues.-Thur.) 2023

On Love Thy Neighbor Days you will receive double the amount of corn that you purchase (up to one dozen ears) for FREE at one of our stand locations in Ephrata, Quincy, Moses Lake, Wenatchee or Coulee City (Coulee City will be closed Tuesday the 15th). The catch is you have to promise to give the extra free KSC to your neighbor… hence “love thy neighbor.”

So with a purchase of a dozen ears you get a dozen FREE. With a purchase of 4 ears you will get 4 for FREE, with the purchase of 40 count you get dozen free… And so on. 

With your help, let’s get the word out and share this opportunity to bless those who come into and are a part of our communities in this abundant State of Washington. 


Blessings in the matchless name of Yeshua,

Kallstrom Family

*Note: this special opportunity goes with only one purchase per day. Also this is only up to a dozen ears or less. If you buy over a dozen you still get a dozen free.
Come early for this last’s as long as there is corn available at each retail stand.